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Subs & Sandwiches


Cold Subs

All Subs Are Custom Prepared, Your Choice Of Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, White Onion, Red Onion, Italian Dressing.


Assorted Sub

Boiled Ham & Turkey 

Sm Round 6.99  Med Roll 9" 9.99  Lg 13" 13.99 



Ham Sub

Boiled Ham

Sm Round 6.99 Med Roll 9" 9.99 Lg. 13" 13.99


Turkey Sub

Honey Roasted Turkey Breast. Add Bacon For Only .75

Sm. Round 6.99 Med 9" Roll 9.99 Lg. 13" Roll 13.99



Italian Sub 

Genoa Salami, Hot Capicola, Sprinkled With Romano Cheese and Oregano. 

Sm. Round 6.99 Med 9" Roll 9.99 Lg. 13" Roll 13.99


Tuna Fish Sub

Imported Light Tuna Fish Flaked & Dressed With Premium Mayo 

Sm. Round 6.99 Med. 9" Roll 8.99 Lg. 13" Roll 13.99


Vegetable Sub

Black Olives, Cucumbers, Sweet Bell Peppers, Or Create Your Own.

Sm. Round 6.99  Med. 9" Roll  7.99 Lg. 13" Roll 10.99


Build Your Own Sub

Choose Any Two Meats: Turkey, Genoa Salami, Ham (Virginia Baked), Hot Ham, or Boiled Ham

Sm. Round 6.99 Med 9" Roll 9.99  Lg. 13" Roll 13.99


Choose From these Extras at .75 Each


Hot Banana Peppers     Roasted Sweet Peppers   Sweet peppers



Hot Subs


Pudgie Burger

1/2 lb. 100% Fresh USDA Beef Ground Fresh On The Premises, Seasoned and Char-broiled,

Served On A 9" Sub Roll 9.99


Ground Round Burger

1/3 lb. USDA Beef Seasoned And Char-broiled

Served On A Sm. Round Roll 6.99


Meatball Sub 

Meatballs Simmered In Our Homemade Sauce, Topped With Romano Cheese.

Sm. Round Roll  6.99 Med. 9" Sub Roll 9.99   Lg.13" Sub Roll 13.99 


Italian Sausage

Link Sausage Served With Saut'eed Sweet Peppers & Onions

Med 9" Sub Roll 9.99  Lg. 13" Sub Roll 13.99



Steak Sub 

Marinated Chopped Sirloin Steak Grilled And Served On a Toasted Roll

Med 9" Sub Roll 9.99  Lg. 13" 13.99


Pizza Sub 

Our Homemade Pizza Sauce Is Generously Spread then Smothered With Mozzarella Cheese. Your Choice of One Pizza Topping. Oven Baked For a Real Tasty Treat

Med 9" Roll 8.99  Lg 13" Roll 10.99

Additional Topping .99



Chicken Finger Sub

Seasoned And Coated Chicken Tenders.  

Med 9" Roll 8.99  Lg 13" Roll 13.99 


Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

6oz Marinated  Chicken Breast. Served on a Round Roll. Your Choice Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions. Served On a Sm. Round Roll 6.99  




Chicken Parmesan Sub

6oz Marinated Chicken Breast Filet Served With Our Home Style Sauce, Mozzarella and Romano Cheeses. Sm. Round Roll 7.99  Med 9" Roll 10.99


Fish Filet Sub

6oz Yuengling Haddock Filet Served With Tarter Sauce Your Choice Lettuce, Tomato, Onion.

Served On a Med 9" Roll 12.99